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Secure your boat cover with Holdon tarp clips

Safer fastening of boat covers and tarps with Holdon® Clips

Make sure your tarp stays in place when protecting your boat during the winter storms. Prevent damages and prolong your tarp durability by adding Holdon clips and fix torn off eyelets quick and easy. The clip will grip harder the more the wind is blowing, pulling the wedge deeper in by the cord. 

HOldon® Tarp Clips for your boat & SO much more! 

  • Stronger than traditional eyelets
  • Wedge locking technique; The heavier the load, the tighter the grip!
  • Reusable/ relocatable/ movable
  • Quickly mounted with a one-hand grip
  • No tools, hole punching or hemming needed
  • Up to 100 kg*  loading capacity
  • Prolongs the lifespan  of tarps and canvas
    **Depending on material.

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® TIP ! Elastic Bungees: To avoid unnecessary stress on the material, we recommend using elastic cord. Read more about our assemblies of Elastic Bungee Ties here »  

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