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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Holdon Xtra Clip, white on fence with bungee

New Holdon® XTRA clip in production!

Holdon® Systems proudly presents Holdon® XTRA – a new clip with added features!

Holdon® Systems has been developing clips based on its invention of the self-tightening fastener for many years. During this time we have gained a great deal of experience of customer requirements and knowledge of the technology behind the clip. At the same time, as with any modern industry, the development of materials and production technology has taken a leap forward.

All of this means that we are now able to produce a clip that meets many more requirements than before. Some of these requirements are well known, such as cost efficiency and ergonomics, but others may be less well known and not obvious to the public.

Many applications and markets

Holdon® XTRA has been developed with a number of markets in mind;

  • Agriculture/Horticulture - main requirements are easy and quick assembly, stable performance, and low price.
  • Signage - main requirements are easy assembly, stable performance, and ability to be easily relocated.
  • Outdoor/Camping - main requirements are light/small, easy assembly, easy relocation
holdon xtraclip white on groundmat w bungee
holdon xtraclip white on mesh
holdon xtraclip white on fence banner w bungee

In order to achieve strong and stable performance, while at the same time reducing costs, it is necessary to reduce weight and produce in a very cost effective way.

The basic cost elements in a plastic moulded detail are material, machine moulding time and mould cost.

The high volume agro/horticultural market demands the best possible price.
To cut machine time we have invested in a large tool that minimises machine time per clip.
To get lower material costs we have minimised the amount of plastic used.

The sign and agricultural markets require products that are stable in wet conditions. For this reason we have chosen a new type of nylon/glass fibre compound that is very resistant to moisture. Many types of nylon absorb water to a high degree, making them softer.

The Holdon® wedge-based gripping principle increases grip as the load increases, and as the plastic softens it compensates by allowing the wedge further in to provide a constant grip. This is one reason why other clip solutions are not stable over time - they require manual tensioning to compensate for softening. However, the wedge of a Holdon® clip cannot go further than its furthest limit, so at some point the softening must be limited/stopped, while at the same time some softening is necessary to avoid brittleness.

Hence the material chosen for Holdon® XTRA - a special glass fibre/nylon blend that is super strong and has a very stable moisture/softening performance.

However, Holdon® XTRA is not limited to the above markets and has a number of additional features that make it attractive for many applications;

  • One hand installation; the opening gap is maximised with one hand only, leaving one hand free to insert the fabric/nonwoven/film etc. Very tactile/ergonomic in the hand.
  • Easy off function; wedge can be pushed out with only one hand for normal tensioning, leaving one hand free to hold fabric/nonwoven/film etc.
  • Support slots for opening; if the wedge is stuck, it can be easily levered out using the slots in the wedge and a levering tool such as a screwdriver, coin etc.
  • Large hole for cords/hooks up to 10mm diameter
  • Pre-mounted wedge in clip - no assembly required
  • Max opening 2.0 mm at inner position and 3.5mm at outer edge; meaning you can assemble on material up to ca 3.5mm thickness as long as it is compressable by hand to less than 2.0mm. For thicker material use Holdon® Midi clip!
  • Strong material; teeth are not affected by slippage, ensuring same performance with repeated use
  • Marine use; metal replacement plastic is waterproof

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