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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Holdon<sup>®</sup> Black Metal Clips with humidity resistance

Holdon® Black Metal - Clips with extreme humidity resistance

A new Holdon® MIDI Clip in metal replacement plastic

When experimenting with a metal replacement plastic compound on our Holdon® MIDI, the results gave us a clip version with extreme humidity resistance.

Nylon is known to be tough, resistant to UV, and very tenacious, especially after exposure to moisture - so much that pure nylon can become too soft in humid conditions.

Holdon® clips are much more resistant, since they are of a Nylon 6 fibre compound. In most cases, softening can actually be beneficial to a product, making it less brittle. But in heavy duty humid outdoor applications it can be a disadvantage, somewhat weakening the product over time.

After experimenting with a metal replacement plastic compound on Holdon® MIDI, the outcome was a version with new advanced product features;

Improved moisture resistance

Stays unaffected by moisture, is not further softened by humidity over time and therefor more stable.
A product perfect for application fields with ultimate demands on product moisture resistance; choose Holdon® Black Metal!

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