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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Mounting clips

Mounting clips – The right way;

Holdon® Clips are beautifully simple to use – once you know how… If you fail getting the clip to grip it is likely that you have applied it wrongly. Holdon® Clips are self tensioning in the sense that the grip increases with the load. Thus the more you pull the harder it grips. But to get the right function it is important that you apply correctly:

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New Holdon® XTRA clip in production!

Holdon® Systems proudly presents Holdon® XTRA – a new clip with added features!

Holdon® Systems has been developing clips based on its invention of the self-tightening fastener for many years. During this time we have gained a great deal of experience of customer requirements and knowledge of the technology behind the clip. At the same time, as with any modern industry, the development of materials and production technology has taken a leap forward.

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Secure your boat cover for outdoor storage

Safer fastening of boat covers and tarps with Holdon® Clips

Make sure your tarp stays in place when protecting your boat during the winter storms. Prevent damages and prolong your tarp durability by adding Holdon clips and fix torn off eyelets quick and easy. The clip will grip harder the more the wind is blowing, pulling the wedge deeper in by the cord. 

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Holdon® Systems operates through wholesalers, retailers and online.

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