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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Sign & Digital

Supplying the Sign & Digital print industry with banner finishing accessories

We have been supplying the sign business with accessories, banner finishing solutions for screen, sign & digital print display since 1992, offering sign makers’ efficient hands-on alternative fasteners to automated machines.

With our company history once being a banner material supplier we also possess good knowledge of materials used within the LFP (Large Format Print) business; PVC, vinyl, mesh, canvas, tyvek, satin, flag, etc.

Holdon® MINI banner clip - faster eyeleting without tools

The Holdon® MINI, intentionally designed specifically for the sign sector, is widely used by sign makers worldwide today. The advantages for banner makers are many; the flexibility to mount clips instantly on site where needed and let end users add fixing points where desired. No more repairs; quickly replace torn eyelets or rescue flapping banners with clips.

Holdon® XTRA banner clip - even faster eyeleting!

The new Holdon® XTRA, is a follow up of the MINI clip designed for the sign sector, It is assembled from start and offers an ergonomic one hand grip. The advantages for banner makers are the same as for the MINI but additionally; Easy demounting and relocation, stays stiff in humid environments, light, large hole to fit any cord or hook.

Mount durable outdoor banners - with flexible bungees

High quality Bungee ties adds more durability to banners in sign making. We provide Sign makers with bungees to even out and reduce loading on banners. Our range of ties comes with fittings such as stainless steel hook, snap hook, ball or T-bar.

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Recycling possibilities with PVC fabrics

Holdon® Systems operates through wholesalers, retailers and online.

swedish flagHoldon® Clips - Made in Sweden since 1999

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