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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Holdon® BannaEdge, Reinforcement Tape/Foil

Faster banner finishing with reinforcement tape instead of folding, hemming OR sewing

Original Made in Sweden

Reinforce banner edges instantly with BannaEdge Tape, apply quickly onto reverse side of banner. Just as strong as traditional hemming and sewing, ready for instant use. Your portable banner hem, ready on a roll!

  • Completely eliminates the need for hemming when finishing banners

  • No folding, sewing, welding or double-sided tape needed

  • A single sided adhesive and liner-free banner tape

  • Apply tape, choose any fixing; clips, eyelets or simply punch a hole!

  • Ensures a perfect reinforced edge without distortion or wrinkles

  • Straight hanging - No hem puckering!

  • Superstrong bonding

  • For exterior use up to 2 years

  • Excellent UV resistance

BannaEdge Banner Tape for Banner Finishing
Non folding icon

No folding or double-sided tape

BannaEdge is a strong HDPE-foil with adhesive, works as a single-sided tape. Get as strong banner edges as with doublesided tape, yet much faster and no risk of hem unfolding.

No banner hemming or sewing needed with BannaEdge Tape

Skip hemming, welding or sewing

Apart from all time savings; there’s no need to add any hem margins in print layout. Simply cut banner edges clean and apply tape on back. No more print damage or mold in seem.

Non puckering icon

No hem puckering or distortion

The tape´s formula keeps banner edges straight, free from puckering and unfolding hems caused by plasticizer migration.

Liner free icon

Liner free - No extra film removal

Without a release-liner to peel off; yet another labor step eliminated!

Instant Banner hemming

Clean, straight cut banner edge finishing ⇒

Apply tape on banner edge for easy banner finishing

⇒ Apply tape

Attach fastener on reinforced banner edge

Attach fastener;  clips, ...

Attach fastener on reinforced banner edge


Punched hole on BannerEdge reinforcement tape

... or simply punch a hole!

Make single banner tabs as reinforcement

⇒ Make quick tabs

Make BannaEdge banner tape tabs with D-rings

Attach D-rings fast

Hanged banner with BannaEdge banner tape tabs and D-rings

D-ring banner, hanged

BanneEdge banner tape applied, shortside back and front

Instant banner hem tape

BanneEdge banner tape on mesh

What about on mesh-banners?
Strength wise - no problem. Still, due to its mesh pattern, the adhesive will naturally be exposed on bannerfront.

Holdon® BannaEdge Technical Data

  • Single sided adhesive reinforcement tape

    • Colours: White
    • Width: 40 mm
    • Roll length: 25 m
  • pdfTechnical data Bannaedge

    After finishing, banners should be rolled up on 200mm drums - NEVER folded.

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