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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Holdon product history

Holdon® - The true original story

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time there was a farmer in the small village of Hol in Sweden - who got tired of tarps and eyelets getting torned off. He came up with a fastening device to solve the problem and went to a manufacturer nearby and asked them to produce the device/gear - a "don" in Swedish, made out of strong glass reinforced nylon. He named the product Holdon and applied for a patent. His paths was crossed by Amicus Trade AB (Holdon Systems), a banner material supplier to the Sign Industry and together they developed the product and new application fields.
And so... the story begins...

From solving a simple problem to years of innovative success

  • 1992 - Amicus Trade AB was founded
  • 1999 - The first Holdon® MAXI Wedge Lock tarp clip was introduced on the market in Sweden
  • 2003 - Holdon® MINI Banner Clip: The first 3-part version, initially designed for the Sign & Banner Industry
  • 2005 - Holdon® MIDI: The launch of a more consumer friendly, strong, one-hand-grip clip
  • 2008 - Holdon® MINIGo!: Redesigned and simplified into a 1-piece version
  • 2008 - EasyKlip® MINI & MIDI: The American trademark, launched on the American continent.
  • 2009 - Amicus Trade AB changes company name to Holdon® Systems.
  • 2010 - EasyKlip® MINI & MIDI: Launched on the Australian continent.
  • 2015 - Holdon® MINI & MIDI: Distribution start in Japan.
The Hol road sign

The Hol road sign

Holdon Clips in production

Holdon® Clips in production

Holdon Maxi Tarpclip - The first original version

The first original Holdon® version Holdon® Maxi Tarpclip

A fully automated manufacturing process

Today, our International Sales and Marketing function is handled through our Head Office in Båstad, Sweden. Our clips are produced in Sweden in fully automated machines for rapid distribution worldwide.

We operate ONLY through distributors, resellers and sales agents, today located in more than 40 countries. In North America and Australia, our clips are promoted and distributed under the protected trademark EasyKlip®

  Innovation - Functionality - Consideration - Sustainability with a long-term perspective !

Our Company Core Values

Company Data

Killeröds Byaväg 83
SE-269 92 Båstad, SWEDEN
Phone + 46 (0) 431 831 90

Holdon® Systems
is the trading name of
Holdon Systems AB
MD: Staffan Gunnarsson
Reg. SE556547880601

SE-10534 Stockholm, Sverige
SE 58 8000 0821 4994 4454 5991
(Kontonr. 944454599-1)

Holdon® Systems operates through wholesalers, retailers and online.

swedish flagHoldon® Clips - Made in Sweden since 1999

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Holdon Systems AB
Killeröds Byaväg 83
SE-269 92 Båstad, Sweden
Tél. + 46 (0) 431 831 90

Our Trademarks

  • Holdon® EU/Others
  • EasyKlip® America
  • EasyKlip® Australia
  • Holdon® BannaTrax™ EU

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