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Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Frequently Asked Questions & General Facts - Replies to your questions

Position of the clips

Question – How do I position the clips? Only on the corners?

Answer – No, you need more than on the corners. When you apply the Holdons - think EYELETS! Notice how metal eyelets are mounted on every general eyeleted tarp and do the same with the Holdon® clips, normally with a distance of 50cm in between eyelets/clips. Another example with banners: apply 3 clips per sqm and never more than 1m spacing between clips/eyelets.. Holdon® clips are not intended to be used only on corners of banners or similar application fields.

Re-use of Holdon Clips

Question – How many times can I re-use Holdons?

Answer - Holdon® clips are made from a nylon/GRP polymer mix which gives them great strength and plastic memory. Providing the clips have not been put through long term repeated extreme stressing, you can use them over and over again. The best test is to fix one on some fabric and put the maximum manual loading you can on it. Their enduring gripping power is amazing.


Question – How strong are they?

Answer – The body of the Mini is load tested to 45 kg and the Midi 100 kg.

Stress on fabric

Question – Will they tear the fabric in extreme conditions?

Answer – This very much depends on the quality of the fabric. However, our experience is that the stress on the fabric when using a Holdon® is considerably less than with traditional eyelets. When used on exceptionally tough fabric the Holdon® will tend to absorb the shock loading imposed by high wind. The larger gripping area of the Holdon® helps to spread the load. Regardless type of fastener the best way to avoid tearing is to add elastic cords to distribute the forces evenly.

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