Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners

Materials and grip

Question – Will the standard Mini and Midi grip all fabrics with the same efficiency?

Answer – To generalize you may say the Holdon® Midi has the best efficiency on thicker materials and the Holdon® Mini is better on thinner and harder material. The Holdon® Mini can on really thin/hard materials further improve it´s performance by using the 'friction insert' provided with each Mini* – this ensures exceptional griping efficiency.

*Holdon® Mini Classic - not Holdon® MiniGo!.

Commonly used materials

For tarpaulin, with hem and cord - choose Holdon MIDI

Tarp/fabric with hem/cord
Use Holdon® MIDI

For tarp, folded or unfolded - best choice: Holdon® MIDI

Tarp/fabric hemmed/folded
Use Holdon® MIDI or Holdon® MINI

Use the neat Holdon MINI clips for RV awnings & patio mats

RV awnings/ground mats
Use Holdon® MINI

New guy rope attachments, peg points on groundsheet - Use Holdons

Tent/groundsheet/guy points
Use Holdon® MIDI or Holdon® MINI


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