Holdon® Eyelet Clips & Faster Fasteners


Instead of Eyelets -  Reusable Instant Clip-on Eyelets.

Patented Fixings - Easy assembling by hand. No tools, hemming, folding or hole punching.


Instead of Eyelets -  Reusable Instant Clip-on Eyelets.

Patented Fixings - Easy assembling by hand. No tools, hemming, folding or hole punching.

Holdon<sup>®</sup> Mini

Holdon® Mini

Banner & Camping Clips. Reusable Instant Clip-on Eyelets.

Holdon<sup>®</sup> Midi

Holdon® Midi

Tarp & Multi-Purpose Clips. Reusable Instant Clip-on Eyelets.

Holdon® Clips - replacing eyelets - faster and stronger - by hand

Manufacturer & Developer of clips since 1999

We are dedicated to the manufacture of our unique Holdon® Clips, designed to replace eyelets and offer instant alternative fixing points on any flexible material - by hand without the need of traditional eyelets /grommets, hemming, hole punching or any tool usage. These Swedish manufactured, patented and reusable clip-on eyelets fastens tarps, signs & banners, canvas, covers, backdrops, sunshades, nettings and more in seconds. Together with a selective range of elastic Bungee Ties, eyelets and banner hanging profiles, we provide a complete fastening solution for most flexible materials, textiles, nonwoven, paper, etc.

Manual fastening made easy - by hand

We are highly devoted to the design and improvement of products making manual fastening easier and more efficient. Simply Faster Fasteners. That is why you will find Holdon® PressLock eyelets with a unique hand punch pliers, BannaTrax poster/banner extrusions combined with a mounting table and the BannaEdge banner reinforcement tape in our range, together with A-board sign handles.

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Our product range

Our Product range

We offer everything from snap-on banner eyelets; clips for tarps, sheeting, camping carpets, awnings, backdrops, curtains and boat/car covers through to BannaEdge Adhesive Tape, Poster & Banner profiles, Presslock plastic eylets and Bungee Assemblies...

More about our products 

Our business sectors

Our Business Sectors

Holdon® products are widely used on a variety of applications in the sign & digital, camping, marine, leisure, garden, building, DIY and entertainment sectors...

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Secure your boat cover with Holdon tarp clips

Secure your boat cover for outdoor storage

Safer fastening of boat covers and tarps with Holdon® Clips

Make sure your tarp stays in place when protecting your boat during the winter storms. Prevent damages and prolong your tarp durability by adding Holdon clips and fix torn off eyelets quick and easy. The clip will grip harder the more the wind is blowing, pulling the wedge deeper in by the cord. 

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Holdon MIDI Tarpclip - Best in test

Holdon® MIDI appointed Best in test by Swedish Boating Magazine

We are delighted that our big seller Holdon® MIDI tarpclip has been awarded "Best in Test" by the Swedish Boating Magazine "Praktiskt Båtägande", with an overall score of 5/5.

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